Change is Improvement is Perfection

I heard a quote yesterday and it stuck with me:

“To change is to improve. To change often is to perfect”.

This also meshes with the philosophy of James Altucher, who pretty much says that his life today will be completely different than his life in six months from now, if he sticks with the daily practice. Surround yourself with people who love you and whom you love, be physically healthy, mentally healthy, and everyday come up with 10 new ideas. This flexes the “idea muscle” of your brain, and over time (even though most all ideas will be horrible ideas) you will start to strike gold and become an “idea machine”

His podcasts and blog posts are excellent. They should be regular viewing/reading for everybody who is interested in self improvement and change their circumstances for the better.

Trying New Things

I decided last week that I would try to learn an instrument.  I never considered myself a musical person, but in addition to learning a new language, I think that learning to play an instrument is a perfect way to expand your horizons and keep your brain working in your old age (I’m not old yet, but you know).

I have so many musician friends, I should probably reach out to one of them and see if I can get face-to-face lessons.  However with everyone being so busy nowadays (we’re not kids anymore) I haven’t been able to nail anybody down.  I picked up a beat up old guitar from my dad’s house, and started messing around.  I quickly realized I have little patience, and maybe a little carpal tunnel.

So I started Googling around and found out that there are online guitar lessons all over Youtube.  These are actually pretty helpful.  Also free sites like and are pretty useful.

I wasn’t joking about the carpal tunnel.  Apparently a lot of guitarists face this problem, I found this video during my time on youtube:


I am not versed in the methods or terminology of guitar playing or musicians, so I’m a little slow when it comes to the uptake of the lessons and their meaning.  Perhaps I will check in with my buddies so they can bring me up to speed.

Has anybody had any experience with teaching themselves an instrument?

Hump Day!

Wednesday is known as “Hump Day”, it is the farthest we get from either the weekend past or the weekend ahead.  I like to look at days a little differently, not in relation to weekends.  If you are constantly “working for the weekend” you will be missing out on 70% of life!

Monday – Breakfast of the Week

I like to think of monday as the “Breakfast” of the week.  It’s the most important day of the week, just like breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day.  If you build up momentum and enthusiasm on a monday, it will carry you through the rest of the week, feeding you with power and energy to be as productive as possible.

Starting off with a crappy monday is like eating a terrible breakfast, it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth and no energy to continue on.

Tuesday – Riding the Wave

On Tuesday you should be riding the wave of a powerful and forceful monday experience.  All your projects (big or small) that you’ve started on monday should be underway or facing completion.  Keep the momentum going, be productive, get some things accomplished, and feel enthusiastic about the week ahead.

Wednesday – The Hump

Wednesday does need some special treatment.  It may be that you’ve finished projects and need new ones, or it may be you are facing difficulty and want to give up.  We must face wednesday like a new monday, like a new rocket blast.  Get your fruit, get your coffee, get your focus, and blast off!  Treat wednesday like a new launching pad!  Finish projects, find new ones!

Thursday and Friday – Reflective Reading by the Fire

Now if we’ve done the previous days right, we should be able to face thursday and friday with ease.  Either we have plenty of work to do (continuing the weeks assignments and projects) or we are winding down.  In either case this is a perfect time to continue working and planning for the next week.  Relax, we’ve been productive, efficient, and successful.  Now we get to reflect on what we did, didn’t do, and can do in the future.

Also take some time to look at the weekend, not as an escape, but as a way to accomplish even more.  Whether it be with family, or friends, or at the gym, or on side projects, or even if its just laundry and cleaning your room!


Importance of Stretching

Even health professionals have to be reminded of the importance of stretching.  Similar to drinking water, it is a crucial aspect of daily life, and many of us do not do as much as we should.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Yoga is about breathing, first and foremost.  However, stretching is also part of it.  If you don’t already practice yoga, give it a try, it tried it once and never looked back.  Yoga is awesome!  If you go to a class with a good instructor, the stretches you get are going to be much better than trying to do it alone.

Touch Your Toes

Even this simple gesture of touching your toes (or trying to), can go a long way.  This help blood flow, which can avoid the onset of diabetes and other dangers like embolisms and deep vein thrombosis (my aunt passed away from this after sitting on an airline flight for hours without stretching, trust me, its important).

Get Outside

Get out and walk around, and while your at it, stretch a little bit.  It’s not the 60 second stretches that your physical trainer would like, but it helps, plus you are outside, walking and exercising, getting fresh air.

Importance of Ergonomics

This is a quick update.  I recently made a post where I quipped that I might have come down with a bit of carpal tunnel.  This actually wasn’t a joke, I was trying to play the guitar and my hand started tingling.  I had heard my friends and a few teachers talk about carpal tunnel over the years, but never thought anything of it.  Now that I am trying to use my wrist in an agile dexterous way, it’s becoming very difficult, and I get a tingling sensation.

So I decided to update this post because stretching is important in more then just your legs.  It can be an important exercise for carpal tunnel, for repetitive stress injuries and for other office related injuries.

I’ll have to try out these exercises, and maybe decide to lay off the guitar playing for the time being.


Till next time,


Health and Wellbeing with Claudia Gunkel

Hi All,

My name is Claudia and I’m a german health enthusiast.  I have been involved in social media and web marketing in the past, but I’ve decided to make my blog about mental and physical well being.  I love fitness, much more than boring marketing.

This blog will be a place for me to share fitness tips and advice.  I hope you all find it useful!


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